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Printers and Peripherals 

Nurit Pin Pads

Nurit 202
A rugged, lightweight, and easy-to-use PIN Pad that handles debit and credit.

Nurit 252
Supports numerous smart card applications such as frequent shopper retailing, health and social care, entertainment and travel services, and private house and multipurpose cards.

Nurit 292
A powerful, programmable, multi-functional PIN Pad offering comprehensive security.

Verifone Pin Pads

Pinpad 1000SE
The PIN pad 1000SE is a PED-compliant handheld device that supports 3DES, Master/Session or DUKPT key management methods, and Message Authentication Code (MAC). It is fully compatible with the legacy PIN pad 1000 and PIN pad 101 families.

Everest Plus
An intuitive interface prompts customers to swipe their cards, enter their PINs and verify the transaction. Incorporates VeriFone's VeriShield security architecture- providing fast, flexible file authentication capabilities and advanced protection for tamper-resistant terminal security.

Verifone Printers

Printer 250
Used by millions of merchants worldwide, the Printer 250 roll printer sets the standard for printers at the point of sale. The Printer 250 maximizes the capabilities of your VeriFone payment system, generating crisp two- or three-part receipts just seconds after you enter a transaction.

Printer 355
Fast, quiet and reliable. It's everything you want in a receipt printer. Printing at a rapid 12.5 lines per second, the Printer 355 gives you crisp, clean two-part receipts in 5.1 seconds. It is four times faster than standard impact printers. It's also quiet and compact-occupying only a few inches of valuable counter space.

As a premium roll printer that can increase merchant productivity, the Printer 900 earns the highest marks. This roll printer is in a class by itself, meeting the highest print performance standards. It also offers a convenient migration path, allowing merchants to move from the Printer 220 or Printer 250 to the Printer 900 with only minor adjustments to their payment applications.

Verifone Check Readers

The first check reader of it's kind, VeriFone's CR 600 combines full programmability, remote downloading, self-diagnostic and universal connectivity in one unit. This leads to improve productivity and reduces check fraud at the point of sale.

Imager CR1000i
The VeriFone CR 1000i check imaging peripheral offers provides an easy and efficient way to take advantage of the wide-ranging benefits of check conversion and check imaging at the point of sale (POS).

Hypercom® S8 PIN Pads deliver cost-effective, full-feature debit transaction support and connect easily with all Hypercom terminals, electronic cash registers (ECRs) or third-party POS systems using a Hypercom adapter. Multiple S8 PIN Pads can be connected to a LAN using a Hypercom LAN controller or Network Access Controller (NAC).

Hypercom Printers

Hypercom ® P8 family printers offer higher performance, greater reliability and lower operating costs, making them superior to any other printer on the market. RDM

Magtek Check Readers


RDM Check Readers

Imager EC50004i
With RDM's EC5000i, you can capture all of the information you need to transform a customer's check into an electronic transaction. Capturing the image of the check at the POS enables merchants to hand the paper check back to the customer.

Imager EC6000i
The EC6000i is a cost-effective, feature rich, imaging solution for Electronic Check Conversion including Point-of-Purchase (POP), Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC), and Represented Check (RCK). RDM's EC6000i imager provides superior MICR read accuracy, crisp clear images, and a bi-directional document drive positioning the EC6000i as one of the most versatile and reliable products in the marketplace.